Thank you for joining us for the AWARD WINNING We Like Drinking show episode 177.  In this episode we’ll be discussing blitzed bicycling, festival rants, and the usual shenanigans. so crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

  • Cheers my podcast drinking friends, and welcome to happy hour 177! The podcast that reminds our listeners that drinking beer and wine is supposed to be fun, and that even through the laughs, you can still learn about your favorite beverages.
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Panel Introductions

  • Tonight we’re joined by our usual panel members, first we have our wine blogger, Jeff Solomon, our commercial brewer, John Ruyak, and finally, I’m your host, Jeff Eckles.


  • Peloursin

Booze News

Wine Festival Rants

  • Solomon and John go nuts

Last call

Time to clean house and lock the doors, so you know the drill; follows, reviews, and Patreon

hat’s a lot of information to absorb, hence it’s time for Wait, Who Subscribed


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