This week on episode 238 of the We Like Drinking podcast we’ll be discussing Gilroy Strong and Get Your Tasting Notes Out… ‘Cause we Are Drinking and Talking Riesling!  So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

  • Cheers my podcast drinking friends, and welcome to happy hour 238 of the ONLY TWO-TIME Award Winning Topical Beer and Wine Education Podcast Focusing on FUN!
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Panel Introductions And What We’re Drinking

  • Tonight we’re joined by most of our usual panel members, we have our wine blogger, Jeff Solmon, our commercial brewer, John Ruyak, and I’m your host, Jeff Eckles.
  • It’s time for our monthly tasting episode, and this month we are tasting Riesling

Wine, Beer, or Pop Culture Reference

  •  Hamm

Gilroy Foundation’s Victim Relief Fund

  • Solomon – Go to to find the “Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund”. All funds collected go to victims and local nonprofits providing relief to those affected.

Riesling Discussion and Tasting

Last call

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