This week on the Fourth of July episode of the We Like Drinking podcast we’ll be reading fake Gin reviews, answering your questions, and getting America As Fuck sooooooo crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

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Wine, Beer, or Pop Culture Reference

  • Clymer

Fourth of July Booze News

The Tavern Asked

  • Matthew R – Interesting/good/unique food and beverage pairings. What makes for a good pairing? what are some classic pairings and why they work?
  • Douglas T – What would happen if Three Tier really -was- overturned? Would smaller markets really start to expand and diversify their selections? Would a bunch of us -really- start mail-ordering their wine because there’s just no local store that stocks much older Beaujolais and simply put, that’s your jam?

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