Thank you for joining us for the award winning We Like Drinking show episode 190.  In this episode we’ll be discussing Listener Love, Weed Water, and we’re getting ready to mix some cocktails with April Wachtel. So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

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Panel Introductions And What We’re Drinking

  • Our guest tonight is the founder and CEO of Swig and Swallow, the company that delivers ready to mix cocktail mixers right to your door. The beauty of these mixers though is their unique “fill to” lines for the booze. Simply pour in the appropriate alcohol to the fill line, shake, pour, and you’re drinking. With 6 of the most popular drink options in the US you’ll be able to stack your next party with a bartender in a bottle with these handy pours. Please help us welcome April Wachtel.


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