Today on episode 200 of the We Like Drinking podcast we’ll be discussing the WLD effect, exploding corona, and everyone needs to get off our beer lawns for episode 200. So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, get off my lawn and let’s get drinking.

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Panel Introductions And What We’re Drinking


  • Status

Booze News

Veterans Day

  • Thank you to all the veterans out there. Valarie at W25, Stub (and “the rib) at OBOC, Marci, Chris Wright at Pikes Peak, Jeff Burrows of Food Wine Click, and all the others we are forgetting to mention. Take a moment this weekend to thank a veteran that you know.

Fantasy Football Minute

  • A live trade, will it get approved or not?

Last call

Time to clean house and lock the doors, so you know the drill; follows, reviews, and Patreon

That’s a lot of information to absorb, hence it’s time for Wait, Who Subscribed

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It’s that time, so now I’ll say, OK panel, let’s take one last trip around the table and get some final thoughts before we shut off the lights.

  • Ruyak
  • Solomon
  • Eckles

Thanks again for joining us at the We Like Drinking Podcast….where you’ll never drink alone.

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