We Like Drinking Affiliates

We have a lot of guests on the show. Somtimes those guests come on to talk about products they have created. If we like the product, and it’s available on Amazon, we will provide links to purchase them here along with a link to the show the creator appeared on. If you purchase any of these products we will receive a bit of money as a referral through their affiliate program. Thank you for your support and we hope you’ll enjoy these products as much as we do.

Drinking Gear

Repour – The RePour is an amazing little disposable gadget to help preserver your opened bottles of wine until you’re ready to have another glass. Tom Lutz is the creator of the RePour and he joined us for Episode 160 to discuss the product.

Swig and Swallow – Make perfect mixed drinks at home with these ready to mix, natural mixers you just add the alcohol to. April Wachtel joined us for Episode 190 to explain these great little products.

Ecovessel BOSS Growler – The BOSS is a stainless steel, insulated, 64oz growler you can use to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Emma Donachie joined us for Episode 163 to talk about Ecovessel.

GrabOpener – The GrabOpener is the one handed bottle opener.


Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum – A cocktail book with recipes for re-creating adult versions of your favorite ’90s childhood drinks as well as original craft cocktails inspired by that iconic decade, Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum? is ’90s nostalgia in a glass! Author Sam Slaughter joined us to have some cocktails on Episode 229.

Brut Force – The sequel to Peter Stafford-Bow’s original wine buyer adventure, Corkscrew. Follow the continuing wine soaked adventures of Felix Hart. Peter joined us to discuss the sequel on Episode 206.

Craft Beer Country – Join author Kirk Richardson as he explores the most interesting breweries from the western United States and the brewers that create their brew. This is book 1 of an eventual 4. Listen to Kirk on Episode 218.

Cork Dork – Bianca Bosker traded her career as The Huffington Post’s executive tech editor for a job as “cellar rat”–the lowest of the low in the wine world as she trained to become a “somm” and uncover the nature of taste. Bianc joined us to talk about her book on Episode 122.

Corkscrew – Peter Stafford-Bow authored this hilarious wine novel about Felix the wine salesman and his over the top adventures in wine. Peter joined us to talk about his book on Episode 116.

Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint – Full of entertaining anecdotes and surprising opinions, Drink Beer, Think Beer is a must-read for beer lovers, from casual enthusiasts to die-hard hop heads. Author John Holl joined us for Episode 197.

Drinking With Saint Nick: Christmas Cocktails for Sinners and Saints – A “wet” advent calendar for every type of drinker, Drinking With Saint Nick gives you over 60 drink recipes along with wine and beer guides to fill your glasses for every day of December and more.

New World Guide to Beer – The ulitmate beer guide.

A Short History of Drunkeness – Taking a peek into how alcohol has been used, and abused, at different points throughout our human history provides a cringeworthy and hilarious stagger back in time. Author Mark Forsyth joined us for Episode 181.

The Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia – The ultimate wine guide.

Wine Folly – A visually stunning wine book for everyone from beginners to experts. Madeline Puckette joined us on Episode 34 to talk about the first edition of this book.

Wine For Normal People – The ultimate wine guide for normal wine drinkers. Written by our good show friend Elizabeth Schneider, this book gives ou everything you need as an enthusiastic wine drinker.