Torre dei Becti Rosa-ae Review


“April showers bring May rosés.” That’s how the saying goes right? If not, we should get a grass roots movement in place to officially change it. One highlight each year in the wine world is that you start seeing rosés showing up as springtime arrives. With temperatures warming up and our meals moving towards a lighter fare, rosé wines find their sweet spot about now. Granted, there is really never a wrong time to serve this food friendly, porch pounding, happy, pink wine, but there is just something special about a rosé in Spring. If you aren’t familiar with rosés, I challenge you to rectify that this Spring.

Today we’ll be reviewing the Italian rosé “rosa-ae” from the Torre dei beati winery in the Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC. The grapes used to make the wine are 100% Montepulciano. If you’re familiar with the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wines, these are the same grapes, but the grape juice from the pressing sees less time in contact with the skins resulting in the drastically lighter color of the Cerasuolo wines. Fermented in stainless steel vats to retain the inherent aromas in the grapes this should be a high acid, aromatic, dry wine. The perfect pairing to a warm spring day on the front porch.

The Torre dei Becti Rosa-ae Review

Color: Salmon bleeding to pink/gray on the edges.

Nose: Tart cherries, chalk and roses with some forest floor and decaying wood. Overall an interesting nose.

Palate: The nose said tart, thin cherries, but the palate says big, plump, juicy cherries. Also notes of strawberries and raspberries dance on the tongue. The wine has some surprising body to it while maintaining a racy acidity level. All this combines to create a nice long satisfying finish. It is important to serve this wine at proper temperature (55º or so Fahrenheit). Warmer temps let the alcohol present itself a little more than desired.

Bottom Line: With enough body to stand up to any number of grilled poultry, fish and pork dishes, don’t be afraid to keep more than one bottle of the Torre dei Becti Rosa-ae on hand this summer for any occasion.