Hugel 2012 Gentil Alsace Wine Review


I’m a huge fan of wines from the Alsace region of France. If you love Riesling, and you’ve yet to explore these white wines, you’ve got some homework to do. This cool region is the perfect place for white wines to develop nice and slow, giving these wines a killer acid backbone.
You know you love the acid, so let’s check this one out.

Hugel 2012 Gentil Alsace Review
From a family making wine for twelve generations (dating back to 1639), the Gentil blend by Hugel highlights the seven noble grapes of Alsace. This wine, composed of 14% Gewurztraminer, 2% Muscat, 20% Riesling, 23% Pinot Gris, and 41% Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc (I hope that adds up to 100!), was hand-harvested and fermented very slowly (over the course of months). The goal of this $16 wine is to give a food-friendly introduction to what Alsace wine has to offer.

Color: Super transparent yellow, transitioning to gold.

Nose: Chilled whites typically have a tight nose. I assure you that I pulled this wine out of the fridge for half and hour before tasting. The wine is still closed off on the nose. If you dare to plunge your schnoz into the glass (which I always do), you’ll catch hints of golden delicious apple, lemon and lime fruits, and crushed river rocks.

Flavor: While one has to do some work to get the aromas, the palate is all up in your face. Bright green apple fruit is the dominant flavor, accompanied by lemon and lime zest. I love the oily weight of this wine. As expected, this Alsacian white has a long, rip-roaring acid.

Bottom Line: If you are in a white wine rut, and think that they all taste the same, dive into this Hugel. While it lacks the depth and complexity of your classic Rieslings from the region, this blend is absolutely an accurate introduction into the acid-driven, oily mouthfeel of the wines of Alsace.