Doce Robles Dos Blancos


Sometimes you’re not exactly looking for a complex wine to have with your dinner. Maybe you’re not trying to impress guests, and you need something to give you punch without having to thoroughly inspect the bottle. That’s where “porch pounders” come in. They’re meant to be light but tasty. Today we try Doce Robles Dos Blancos, a 2010 blend of 50% albarino and 50% vermentino from a winery in Paso Robles, Calif.
What drew me to this wine was the blend. I usually steer away from blends as being pale comparisons to their varietal cousins, but I gave this one a ride. Doce Robles has been operating for nearly 20 years, with the first grape harvest coming in 1998, according to Doce Robles. The winery’s most valuable varietals are its cabernet and syrah.
The Dos Blancos, a combination of albarino and vermentino grapes, prices between $15 and $16 on shelves at stores but is not listed at the winery’s web site. This might be the first sign to bail while we can.

Doce Robles Dos Blancos Review

Color: Pale, with golden “wings” rising up the sides of the glass. There is not much in the way of color here.
Nose: Butter, some grass and a bit of citrus. As odd as it seems, I smell daffodil and orange peel as I delve deeper. There’s also a petroleum scent.
Palate: There is not much here in the form of substance. The initial hit is somewhat oaky, though I could find nothing in my research suggesting this wine came in touch with oak. I get some citrus and grass, but really not much else. The finish is somewhat dry but dissipating.
Bottom Line: Pass on Doce Robles Dos Blancos. There’s nothing here to suggest a mid-teens price, let alone something over $10. It’s not a good drinking wine, but it made a good base for cooking chicken.
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