Commanderie De La Bargemone 2013


I don’t know about you, but there is something that is just “right” about a cool crisp rosé on a hot summer day. The refreshing acidity, the bite of tartness that comes with them, they are so refreshing when you are sitting there under the relentless summer sun after a long day of fun or work.

The bonus about today’s rosé review is that the Commanderie De La Bargemone is available in a 3 liter box. That’s equivalent to 4 bottles of wine and the cost is under $50 for the box. And this is not a sweet blush wine or a cheaply made rosé, this is a quality wine from a quality producer in the Provence region of southern France.

The Commanderie De La Bargemone Review

Color: Hey, it’s pink! It’s a very light pink though and if it’s a light pour it almost looks clear.

Nose: The nose is strong with this one. Before you even lift the glass the aromas are noticeable and get your mouth watering. Aromas of strawberries and roses dominate the olfactories, with a subtler note of cherries that adds depth. You can tell right away that there is going to be some tartness to the wine and as you probe deeper there are some additional notes of grapefruit.

Palate: As with the nose there is a heavy dose of strawberries right away with this wine. The cherries and roses are there as well in a supporting category that adds to its deliciousness. As you can see it’s a wine where the nose and the palate are perfectly in sync with each other, no surprises await your tongue here. The tartness that comes early on in the flavor profile is firm, but not overpowering as can sometimes happen with rosés, and it adds a nice kick that carries into the finish.

Bottom Line: Pair this wine with pork, chicken, salads or serve as a refreshing aperitif to get an evening started. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can simply pour this Commanderie de la Bargemone and relax on the porch, this wine will fit just about anywhere.