Bouvet-Ladubay NV Exellence Brut Rosé Review


Including this post, 66.6% of my wine reviews for We Like Drinking have been of the sparkling rosé variety.

Maybe I’ve drawn inspiration from last week’s podcast, in which Jeff “The Drunken Cyclist” Kralik preached of his undying love for (inexpensive) sparkling wine.

Maybe I’m going for the pink stuff these days to combat all the haters… Seriously… You need to listen to last week’s podcast!

Maybe I just happen to have been sent a sample of sparkling sparkling rosé from the fine folks of Kobrand Fine Wine and Spirits the other day.

Maybe all of these things happen to be true.

Any way you slice it, I think you’re going to like this one.

Bouvet-Ladubay NV Excellence Brut Rosé Review

Sample was provided for review by Kobrand Fine Wine and Spirits.

Bouvet-Ladubay NV Excellence Brut Rosé is made from 100% Cabernet Franc, sourced from several vineyards throughout the Loire Valley region of France. The wine goes through primary fermentation in stainless steel barrels. Afterwards, the barrels are blended, and the final cuvée is bottled before it goes through secondary fermentation (a la méthode traditionnelle). It retails for 17 bucks.

Color: A beautiful light salmon pink.

Nose: The strawberry fruit on the nose is undeniable. Seriously… One person was going to deny it, but then he realized he couldn’t. Notes of orange peel, baked sweet potato, and various minerals of various origin are also present. Just don’t forget the strawberry is on fleek.

Flavor: Man. This strawberry fruit is a driving force in this wine. The ripe strawberries may give some the illusion of sweetness, but this bad boy is bone dry. The finish is a fun combination of lime zestiness and whipped cream creaminess. I like it!

Bottom Line: To sum it all up… I like pink sparkling wine. I like the fact that it’s always festive, always food-friendly, and always different from one to the next. The Bouvet-Ladubay NV Excellence Brut Rosé is no exception.

Don’t hate on this pink… Just shut your mouth and drink!

*Well… I mean… Open your mouth to drink it, but then shut your mouth in the figurative sense… You know… In terms of hating on pink wines.