2014 AIX Rosé Wine Review


Today’s wine comes to us from the heart of rosé country in France, Provence; specifically, the Coteaux d’Aix en Provence AOP. Provence is located in the southeast of France and this AOP is the second largest sub-region in Provence. The producer, Saint Aix, works with land that is elevated to about 1,300 feet above sea level with 300-plus days of sun a year. This gives the grapes great opportunity to fully ripen along with good diurnal temperature changes to maintain acidity.

The 2014 AIX Rosé Wine Review

Color: Extremely light in color. Very pale pink that gets nearly clear as you move towards the edge of your tilted glass.

Nose: As light as the color was, the nose is quite expressive. Plenty of red fruits come through such as strawberries, raspberries and cherries. There are some perfume notes that shine as well as a bit of a spicy kick that I can’t quite nail down. The nose rounds off with a subtle sense of forest floor. An overall lively nose that definitely sets you up for a drink.

Palate: Cherries come through as the predominate fruit on the palate and carry through long into the finish. There is also a nice level of acidity to this wine that make it an excellent food pairing wine. With a subtle spiciness that comes through on the tasting too, this is a wine to enjoy at the end of a warm summer day. Bring on the summer.

Bottom Line: A well made rosé that brings good body, acidity, fruit and a bit of spice. The 2014 AIX rosé is a great addition to your summer wine portfolio.