2013 Mauro Molino Barbera D’Alba


The wines of the Piedmont region of Italy are predominately known for their powerful and pricey Barolo and Barbaresco wines made from the Nebbiolo grape. These wines, however, take time to age in the bottle for the winemakers before they sell them, sometimes as much as 10 years. So what is the winemaker to do with all this inventory sitting on the shelves without generating income? Enter the Barbera and Dolcetto grapes of Piedmonte. The wines made from these grapes are meant to be consumed much earlier while still being great tasting and high quality. This allows the winemaker to release a youthful, high quality-wine, while allowing the more “ageable” wines time to get ready for release.

Mauro Molino has been making wines in the Piedmonte region since his first Barolo vintage in 1982. Today the Molino vineyards keep their grapes split about 50/50 between Barolo and Barbera/Dolcetto.

The 2013 Mauro Molino Barbera D’Alba Review

Sight: Dark ruby in color with purple tendencies; darker than I expected.

Nose: Loads of cherries, ripe red fruits and a hint of smokiness greet your nose with this 2013 Mauro Molino Barbera D’Alba.

Palate: This is a lush and delicious wine, period. Cherries and blackberries dominate the initial attack on the palate. There are some oakey notes that add a bit of tannic qualities to this wine, but they are not overpowering in the least. I also enjoyed the surprising level of acidity in this wine as it was higher than expected. With all that going on this Barbera remained well balanced throughout the tasting…..and bottle.

Bottom Line: The 2013 Mauro Molino Barbera D’Alba will be a crowd pleaser for any occasion. With soft tannins, loads of fruit and a well balanced acidity, you can be comfortable dropping the $15 – $20 and not worry about getting your money’s worth.

Mauro Molino on Facebook: MauroMolinoWinery Note: The winery’s Facebook page is in Italian