2013 Infinite Monkey Theorem Malbec


The Infinite Monkey Theorem (IMT) winery is an “urban” winery located in the River North Art District of Denver, Colorado. The grapes for their wines are sourced from throughout the western slope of Colorado within the majestic Rocky Mountains. One of the few wineries out there that are putting some of their wines in cans, IMT is not afraid to push boundaries or experiment with their wines.

The ability for consumers to visit a fully functional winery in the middle of a big city like Denver (or Austin now) provides a unique opportunity for people to experience a winery without travelling to the vineyards. The next time you are visiting Denver or Austin be sure to look them up and put them on your to-visit list. Until then let me paint a picture for you palate with their 2013 Malbec review.

2013 Infinite Monkey Theorem Malbec

Color: Light ruby color that is quite translucent with medium glass staining.

Nose: Initial cedar notes give way to black pepper and dark fruits like blackberry and dark cherries. Underneath it all is an earthy aroma that rounds out the nose well.

Flavor: Medium plus acidity with soft tannins. Given that these grapes come from a higher than normal altitude I expected more tannic qualities to the wine. Notes of cherry and tobacco are prevalent up front along with some slightly jammy notes. The finish is nice and long and the cherry notes continue as black pepper notes sneak in. The mid-palate has a bit of a hole in it, but unless you’re looking for it you most likely won’t notice. Pair this wine with burgers, pizza, or a simple pasta with red sauce dish.

Bottom Line: An unusual grape for Colorado, the 2013 Infinite Monkey Theorem Malbec shows plenty of potential. With a nice combination of earth and fruit notes throughout along with lush soft tannins, this wine is sure to please a wide range of drinkers.

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