2012 Nativ Greco di Tufo white wine review


Today I’ll be reviewing the 2012 Nativ Greco di Tufo white wine. By now, from previous reviews of Italian wines, you’ve probably already determined that this is a wine made of Greco grapes from Tufo. Well done, I’m glad to see you’re learning so much here, or that you happen to have a basic grasp of Italian, either way, kudos to you.

The Greco di Tufo wines come to us from the Campania region of Southern Italy, about an hour north east of Naples. Specifically, these wines come from an area surrounding the small village of Tufo. The area is full of volcanic soils, named Tufa (or Tuff), a soft pourus rock that’s created after being compressed post eruption. In addition to the tufa soils the area also contains a substaintial amount of clay. The wines typically show a decent amount of minerality thanks to this soil composition.

The 2012 Nativ Greco di Tufo wine review

Sight: Light straw yellow in color going to clear as it approaches the rim, or meniscus.

Nose: Notes of apricot, green apples and minerality greet the nose initially. Further exploration yields a bit of a petrol sense and an extremely suddle smoke characteristic.

Flavor: The flavors with this wine really confirm the nose. The minerality is right up front along with the tart green apples and petrol viscocity. This is a more full-bodie white wine that what you may be used to so don’t be surprised by the long lasting finisht that goes along with it.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to break out of a varietal rut and want to try something you may have not tried before, the Nativ 2012 Greco di Tufo is a solid, well balanced, long lasting white wine option. Pair it with any number of seafood dishes or white sauced pastas.