2007 Il Fauno Di Arcanum Review


The 2007 Il Fauno Di Arcanum “Super Tuscan” will be reviewed today. But first, what does it mean to be a Super Tuscan anyway?

In most European countries there are laws in place around all facets of wine production as well as how and what grapes are allowed to be grown. Italy had the typical pyramid that started with Vino di Tavola (Table Wine) (little to no restrictions) and worked it’s way up to DOCG (Highly restrictive and regulated on what could be made/used). The DOC(G) laws were very specific about what grapes and in what quantity they could be used to make wines (at the time this included requiring white grapes in Chianti wines). Any deviation, regardless of grape or wine quality, subjected the wine to the lower class table wine label.

In the 1970’s, some wine makers in the Tuscany region decided they wanted to experiment with grapes like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. They understood they would not be allowed the higher level Italian certification labels with these wines. The results were epic! The wine makers released their wines with the lowest quality label Vino di Tavola. This really turned everything on its head because here were these “table wines” receiving incredible international praise, selling out immediately, and going for unbelievable prices.

The Italian government was forced to come up with a solution. Thus was born the IGT label (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) which put some restrictions on the winemaker, in regards to labeling mostly, but left the winemakers free from grape restrictions all together.

The 2007 Il Fauno Di Arcanum Review

Blend – 57% merlot, 24% cab sauv, 19% cab franc

Color – Garnett with medium-light glass staining

Nose – Pencil shavings, cranberries, dirt, baked apples, plums, sour cherry, stinky feet (yeah, there is some stank to remind you this is an old world wine!)

Palate – Right away you are again reminded that this wine comes from the old world. The cherries and cranberries are there, but they have to share the stage with subtle notes of grass and pepper. Throughout the palate the tannins are not shy, but they are so well integrated that they do not overpower the palate at all and continue to shine deep into the long finish this wine brings. Some time with air helps waken the wine up even more so don’t worry about opening the bottle too early. This is a wine that wants food: steak, red sauce, the heavier the better, you won’t over power this wine. I paired it with a vegetable beef stew and man did it pair well.

Bottom Line – The 2007 Il Fauno Di Arcanum is a beautifully balanced wine that shows numerous layers of palate pleasing pleasure. At under $25, this is one not to miss.