Going on a Brew Cruz In Santa Cruz: WLD 086


We Like Drinking Show

Episode 86

Thank you for joining us for the We Like Drinking show episode 86. In this episode we’ll be discussing The Stag, Minimum Liquor Pricing, and we’re going cruising in Santa Cruz! So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

Cheers my podcast drinking friends and welcome to happy hour 86.

Brew Cruz in Santa Cruz

Panel Introductions

  • A finalist in the 2013 Wine Blog Awards, a certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador, founder of the stay rad wine blog… Jeff “The King of All Wine Media” Solomon. Jeff is drinking Hermitage Ale of the 2 Tun Imperial Stout (from San Jose)
  • He’s a member of the American Homebrewers Association and the head brewer at Angry Goats Brewery… … John Ruyak. John is drinking Lagunitas Equinox Pale Oat Ale
  • My name is Jeff Eckles, I’m a certified specialist of wine and your host for these festivities… and tonight I’m drinking Freemont Universale Pale from Seattle, WA.
  • Our guest tonight is the founder and chief “cruzer” for the startup company “Brew Cruz”, offering a guided tour of the growing craft brewery scene in the Santa Cruz area via a refurbished and decked out 1989 Thomas International bus. The “Brew Cruz” recently celebrated surpassing 3,000 passengers and was recently voted “Best New Business”. Please help us welcome Annie Pautsch (Pouch).  Annie is drinking..

Wine, Hop, or Pop Culture Reference

Vic Secret (Hop)

Vic Secret had its first commercial harvest in 2013. Developed in 2000 in Victoria, Australia alongside sister variety Topaz, Vic Secret features elements of tropical fruit, herbs and pine with clean notes of pineapple and passion-fruit.

Booze News

Where we discuss interesting, noteworthy, or idiotic stories.

What’s up?

What do you have your eyes on or what do you have coming up.

  • John – making cider when i back to CR next week
  • Solomon – Harvest at Comanche Street Vineyard real soon.
  • Annie – preparing for a busy fall season- Octoberfest and the Second Release Santa Cruz Beer Passport, ‘Boo Cruz’, and my wedding in Nov (feat. a beer themed olympics)
  • Eckles –

Last call

Time to clean house and lock the doors

Our panel of characters likes social media. In case our listeners want to find their favorite panel members online where can the find you guys…

  • Annie – Visit scbrewcruz.com and follow the bus on Instagram and FB #scbrewcruz
  • Solomon – Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @JeffisRad. I’m on Untappd as KingOfAllWineMedia. Watch my Stay Rad Wine Blog TV videos on YouTube and StayRadWineBlog.com
  • John – Follow me as Brewhack on Untappd, ABQWINENEWB on Vivino and check out the Angry Goats Brewery CR on Facebook
  • Eckles – Don’t forget to follow the adventures of We Like Drinking on the socials. FB and Insta at WeLikeDrinking and on twitter @WeLikeDrinking1, the number one.

And now it’s time for Wait, Who Subscribed

You can also find the show notes for this episode with all the links to the stories or mentions we had at http://welikedrinking.com/podcast

OK panel, let’s take one last trip around the table and get some final thoughts before we shut off the lights.

  • John
  • Solmon
  • Eckles

Thanks again for joining us at the We Like Drinking Podcast….where you’ll never drink alone.