The Wild Goose Meeting House


There are beer bars. There are wine bars. There are coffee houses. The three shouldn’t intertwine, right? Well, the people at the Wild Goose Meeting House in downtown Colorado Springs don’t seem to think so, as they’ve put together a place that attempts to meet the needs of fans for all three types of establishments

One of the employees told us the name comes from the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina, which bills itself as a “community creating a festival at the intersection of justice, spirituality, and art.” To that end, the Wild Goose’s web site states that it aims to be “a rich expression of community and creativity – a place that will draw a community of people in Colorado Springs who are looking for a quality experience in artisan beverages and great food” This combination coffee house/bar opened toward the end of 2013, taking over a spot formerly occupied by Cartridge World.

It’s an inviting location, with several sitting nooks and several large, community-style tables. The lighting is bright, and there is live music several nights a week. On the night we visited, jazz pumped overhead.

Taps a plenty at the Wild Goose

The Wild Goose Meeting House is committed to local beer

The Wild Goose features 11 taps, four of which are dedicated to Monument, Colo.’s Pikes Peak Brewing Company. There are also bottles, featuring the stellar Paradox Beer Company out of Woodland Park, Colo.

Before heading over to the Wild Goose, we heard it featured wines on tap. The taps were there, but they were no longer pouring out of the them. The staff explained that the Wild Goose was going through wine so quickly, the taps were inefficient. Since wine taps are used for both preservation and temperature control we hope whatever their new plan is maintains the proper serving temperature of the wines. It would be really nice if they were able to continue to use the taps by bringing in some pricier bottles to pour by the glass. Imagine being able to get a glass of iconic California cab or top flight Bordeaux by the glass!

  • There’s a good selection of beers on tap, and most of them rotate. The meat and cheese board was tasty. The Tommyknocker beer brat was good and flavorful.

Needs work:

  • If you call yourself a wine bar, you need a wine expert on a Saturday night. We found a coffee person and a beer geek, but there was no one dedicated to wine.
  • The hours are confusing. We’re focused mostly on beer and wine on this site, but we wonder how a place could be dedicated to coffee when it doesn’t open until 8 a.m.

The Wild Goose a good stopping point on a night out, but we wouldn’t call it a destination. The foot traffic seemed to belie this on our visit, as customers came and went rather quickly. That’s not a knock against the Wild Goose. Turnover can be a great thing in food service and bars.