Brewer’s Republic


If you are looking to try a wide variety of Colorado’s best craft beers in a relaxed and non-pretentious atmosphere, then Brewer’s Republic is a must for your “to-visit” list. Located across the street from Colorado Springs City Hall (112 North Nevada Avenue), Brewer’s Republic has been pouring craft beer since opening in 2010. The place is small and has a definite college-cafe feel to it with a bar, a handful of high-top tables, and several couches arranged into two little gathering areas. There is only one bathroom with no urinal and only one toilet, and you have to be careful about latching the door shut so no one barges in on you. There is a small front side patio facing City Hall and a covered outdoor seating area upstairs that is perfect for enjoying a drink on a warm summer night.

Jeff’s thoughts

Beer variety is one of the major selling points for me here. Not only does Brewer’s Republic have up to 20 taps running at any given time, but it pours out of five gallon kegs that most likely won’t be repeated once they blow. If, on the off chance you don’t see something you like initially, there is a good chance there will be more options as your visit continues. On the night we visited the Colorado Springs hashtag meetup group #CStweetUp was there along with a tap takeover of all Colorado Springs beers. Even though the place was packed, the bartenders were friendly and wanted to make sure you got the right beer for your taste. Offering samples and explaining what was available before pouring you a pint or half-pint of your selection.¬†You know a place is doing things right when you are able to meet local established brewers hanging out at a bar which isn’t their own, which we did on this evening.

There is a surprisingly large and expansive menu available for such a small location, aided by last year’s buy-out from neighbor The Underground. We didn’t try any of the food on this visit, but they had everything you would expect from a tavern along with a surprisingly extensive pizza menu.

Brewer’s Republic also offers plenty of “one off” activities for patrons looking for something else to do, including Thursday night trivia, tap takeovers, and beer pairing dinners with local brewers.

Jim’s thoughts

Brewer’s Republic has come a long way since first opening almost five years ago. When the place first took over the space in 2010, there was a beer cooler stocked with nothing more than a case of Sierra Nevada, and there were only a few tap offerings. Brewer’s Republic changed ownership about a year ago, with the new owners instituting the menu options Jeff mentioned.

It is tiny, but in a cozy way. Places like this can tend to have a “too cool for school” atmosphere, but the bartenders are friendly and helpful. If you’re looking to try something new, ask for a small taste. They won’t charge you. Plus, a selling point for me is the fact that you can order half pints in addition to pints, thus increasing your ability to taste different offerings.

Bottom Line

Brewer’s Republic is a good place to meet up with friends who enjoy craft beer. There’s sure to be something on the menu that someone in your group will like. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you’re unsure.