The Sonic Foamer Review And Giveaway

The Sonic Foamer was provided to We Like Drinking at not cost for evaluation purposes.
What Is The Sonic Foamer?

The goal of the Sonic Foamer ($29.99) is to create a perfect head on your glass of beer that will enhance both its aromas and flavors. Through the burst of an ultra-sonic wave, the beer immediately brings forth a quick cascade of bubbles created from the bottom of the glass, rising up to form a great looking, uniform head on your beer.

The Sonic Foamer looks like a coaster on a stand. With a small pool in the middle for the glass and two buttons for operation towards the front. There is also a multi-colored LED light on the bottom which you can change the display colors on. The only real purpose I could determine for the LED light is to tell you the Sonic Foamer is on, which is somewhat important considering the 6 AA batteries required for operation.

The Sonic Foamer Review

What you really want to know though is, does the Sonic Foamer really work? And does it, as they claim, make the beer taste better? Let’s look at it in action and find out.

For the Sonic Foamer review I tasted 4 beers (pale ale, porter, stout, and IPA) to compare aroma and flavor with beers that were sonicly enhanced and ones that weren’t. With each beer I poured two glasses, one with the normal head you get from a bottle pour, the second poured with no head and then receiving its head via the Sonic Foamer.

The Results – Although I started out testing aroma and flavor, I have to note that visually, there was a huge difference between the beers that were poured and the ones that were given a boost from the Sonic Foamer. The foamed beer’s head was noticeably thicker, the bubbles smaller and more uniform, and the head lasted significantly longer than the beer poured straight from the bottle.

The aroma results were mixed. I found the stout and IPA presented a rounder and fuller nose after going through a foam. There were not any new aromas that were noticed, but the aromas were more enveloping and enjoyable than those poured straight into a glass. The pale ale and porter on the other hand, remained constant with both glasses.

None of the beers showed a noticeable improvement in flavor when compared side by side.

Additional Notes – I’ve had the Sonic Foamer for about a month now and here are some additional things I’ve noticed in that time.

  • Beer temp is very important. A warmer beer can produce A LOT more head with the device that a colder one will.
  • It is a fun little tool to use. I brought it to a couple of dinner parties and it was always a hit with the guests.
  • The instructions call for 2 teaspoons of water in the “activation tray”. I found this to be too much most of the time.

Bottom Line – The Sonic Foamer proved to be great at creating a visually attractive head on a glass of beer. Aromas may be enhanced depending on the style, darker more aromatic beers seem to work better. For me, the flavor profile was not affected.

The Sonic Foamer was provided to We Like Drinking at not cost for evaluation purposes.
The Sonic Foamer Giveaway

When the kind people at California Creations contacted us about reviewing their Sonic Foamer, I asked if they would be willing to send a second unit for us to giveaway. They agreed, so now it’s time to get yourself entered to win one of your very own. Tell us the first beer you’ll “foam” in the form below and you are entered. The contest will run until Feb. 10 with the winner being announced on the We Like Drinking show that week.


Sonic Foamer Giveaway



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