Fifty/Fifty Insulated Growler


Part of the “charm” or “cool factor” with the craft beer movement is that you can brag to your friends in other cities that you know of this great nano-brewery kicking out some seriously good beer. They will inevitably fire back with some form of “Yeah, prove it. Bring us a six pack or a couple of bombers.” Your reply is muted because, although mobile canning services have made packaged distribution affordable, there are still other hoops for your favorite brew pub to go through to make that available (licensing, brewing capacity, etc.).

You reply that you will bring a growler or two that next time you make it up there, but you know in your heart that the typical glass growler is fragile at best, the beer will go through several temperature swings before you get to your destination, and it will likely be flat. Fortunately, the FIfty/Fifty Company has solved several of these problems with its insulated growler.

The Fifty/Fifty Insulated Growler Review

Value/Price- About $35 at various online retailers. I recently noticed Marble Brewery had logo growlers available for $45. I have experienced brewers charge anywhere from $8 to $15 dollars for glass growlers that require constant vigilance. The sturdy stainless steel design should last a very long time.

Functionality- Fill it with beer, pour out the beer, enjoy. But seriously, I filled mine on a Saturday at Lizard Tail Brewing with their Honey Pale Ale at about 2 p.m. Jim and I had an appointment with another brewer 20 minutes away, and it stayed in my truck for two hours on a warm Albuquerque day. My wife got home from work at 7:45 p.m. The growler had not been refrigerated at all, but she had no complaints about the temperature of the beer. Meanwhile, as I write this review late on Monday night, 56 hours after it was poured, the beer is still reasonably carbonated! The level is not what it was at the time the growler was filled, but it’s certainly acceptable.

Ease of Use- How hard can that be? Unless you have really big hands this something that requires two hands to pour. Glass growlers usually have an ‘ear’ that you put a finger through in order to stabilize a one-handed pour. A one-handed pour is significantly more difficult with the Fifty/Fifty.

Durability- Double-walled design using 18/8 Stainless Steel. Unless you have a habit of dropping things from great heights or moving vehicles, this should last a very long time. The caps that help to seal in carbonation are replaceable.

Bottom Line- If you are willing to invest $35-$45 in enjoying your favorite craft beer at home and not having to worry about a fall off of quality if you don’t finish it right away this is certainly worth the expense.

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