Ecovessel BOSS Review: More Than Just A Growler


If your house is anything like mine, you’ve got more than one brown glass growler somewhere, mostly collecting dust. There are plenty of reasons that keep us from using them more often: they’re heavy and breakable, you have to keep them in the refrigerator if you don’t want your beer to warm up too much, and the only real thing you can use them for, is beer. It’s not like you’re going to roll into work with your brown brewery growler filled with lemon water or tea. The folks at Ecovessel think they have the solution with their triple insulated, stainless steel growler. We’re going to put it through its paces with this Ecovessel BOSS review, so, let’s find out if it can deliver a more complete beverage experience than standard brown glass.

What’s Behind Ecovessel

What makes the Ecovessel product line stand out from similar products is its unique triple insulation. First, there is an inner core of stainless steel, which is the contact point to the liquid inside. Next, there’s a second layer of copper to maintain liquid temperature whether it’s hot or cold. Between the second layer of copper and the third layer, also stainless steel, lies an empty vacuum sealed space to keep outside temperatures away from the copper, further aiding in temperature regulation. All this adds up to a product built to maintain its contents’ temperature as long as possible. With additional features like an infuser, wide mouth opening, and multiple lid options, the Ecovessel BOSS seems like a worthy fit for our growler needs.

Ecovessel BOSS Review Test Cases

For the Ecovessel BOSS review, there were 2 things I wanted to focus on: temperature control and the infuser. I tested both items with hot and cold liquids for a total of four test cases, which are listed below.  

Ecovessel BOSS Review Test Cases
Temperature Control Cold Fill BOSS and glass growler with liquid of equal temperatures. Take temperature at hours 0 and 36
Infuser Cold Fill infuser with cut up fruit and insert into growler full of cold liquid. Take note of of how well the fruit infuses the liquid.
Temperature Control Hot Fill growler with hot water. Take temperatures at hours 0 and 8.
Infuser Hot Brew tea in the BOSS using the infuser. Take notes on tea strength as well as the ability to keep the tea hot throughout the day.

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Ecovessel BOSS review

Cold Cases
  • Ability To Keep Liquid Cold: This is the only test in the Ecovessel BOSS review that went head to head with a glass growler. I knew the glass growler couldn’t compete, but I still wanted to see how they compared. After a day and a half, the liquid in the Ecovessel had only gone up 9.5 degrees. My celebratory drink after all the hard work testing was pure cold bliss. One thing to note, the Ecovessel will definitely keep your cold drinks cold, but it also keeps cold air out! The Ecovessel BOSS will resist the cold air of a refridgerator, so plan your fill accordingly. 9/10
Growler Type Hour 0 (F) Hour 8 (F)
BOSS 40 49.5
Glass 40 65.8
  • Fruit With Water: An ingenious addition that comes with the Ecovessel BOSS is the infuser. It will hold an entire sliced lemon, and if packed, a lime could be added as well. The infuser is mesh, so you’re able to pour from the spout while the fruit is still inside. It does get to a point where the fruit is no longer in contact with the liquid, but with each pour the liquid continues to flow through the fruit. For this case, I used water and a sliced lemon. First, I squeezed the lemon slices into the BOSS, then filled the infuser with the sliced lemons before inserting it into the BOSS. I honestly expected it to be too much water for the fruit, and it did have to sit about 30 minutes to really impart the flavors, but then it was perfect for the rest of the day. 9/10
Some Like It Hot
  • Ability To Keep Liquid Hot: For this test I filled the Ecovessel BOSS with 64 oz of boiling water, took the first temperature read, then sealed it and waited 8 hours before taking the final reading.
Hour 0 (F) Hour 8 (F)
195 164

31 degrees may seem like a large temperature drop; to put the water through a real world scenario, I made some hot cider after the 8 hours and it was a solid serving temperature. Serving temps for hot drinks like coffee and tea are generally between 160 and 185, so after 8 hours, I was happy. Ambient room temp, 66 degrees. 7.5/10Ecovessel BOSS review

  • Brewing Tea: In addition to the water test, I wanted to test the ability of the infuser to make 64 oz of hot tea. The infuser had plenty of room to hold 8 tsp of tea for the brew. I steeped the tea about 8 minutes, a little longer than normal, to get to the level I prefer. As with the earlier hot water test, even after 9 hours with opening and closing the Ecovessel BOOS to refill mugs, the tea remained hot and ready to serve. 8/10

Ecovessel BOSS Review Conclusion

As a craft beer growler, the Ecovessel BOSS delivers in just about every way imaginable. By keeping your beer cold for up to 36 hours and being far more durable than glass, the Ecovessel BOSS will easily become the go-to growler in your inventory. But this is not a craft beer-only vessel. Keep your hot drinks and soups hot when your away from home as well. With the removable infuser you can even brew tea, bring coffee with you, or even pre-load that wheat beer with oranges before you head out. The Ecovessel BOSS is truly the last growler you’ll ever need.

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The Ecovessel BOSS was provided to We Like Drinking at not cost for evaluation purposes.