Craft Crawler: Your New Beer App


The holiday season brings some constants for all of us, time with family, holiday cheer, Christmas magic witnessed in the sparkle of a child’s eyes. It also brings some other constants, things like being in a town or city we aren’t 100% up to date on, the need to get “away” from the house for a bit, and of course, the need for a pint of beer. The problem, however, is you’re not always sure where to go to quench that thirst and be sure you will end up in the kind of place you’re looking for. Enter the latest beer app that’ll solve all those problems, The Craft Crawler is here to dial you in to just the right brewery in whatever city you find yourself decking the halls.

What you get from Craft Crawler

The Craft Crawler app, brain-child of co-founder John Bentley, is a location-based application that allows you to find breweries near your location, or in any city in the United States you choose. You can browse nearby breweries to find their location, contact information, hours of operation, and get directions if needed. Now, you may be thinking, “I can get that with Google or Yelp or some other map type app.” and I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. The team at Craft Crawler created a database on the back-end, and have manually input every brewery in the app, including contacting the breweries to verify times, location, and making sure the business is actually there. No more showing up to an out of business brewery for users of this app!

I don’t know about your hometown, but here in Colorado Springs there are over a dozen breweries in operation, and more are on their way. Even as dialed in as we are, it’s hard to keep up sometimes which is why an app like Craft Crawler with its dedicated team of brewery hunters is a blessing for any zythologist out there.

As for who will find the app useful, if you like craft beer, this app will be of use to you. As Bentley noted when asked who the ideal user of the app is, “The seasoned craft beer fan who enjoys checking out new breweries while traveling.” and newer craft beer drinkers who “are starting to get excited about local craft beer, but are often times unaware of how many options they truly have right around them.”

Breweries Win Too
craft crawler

The Craft Crawler app in action

Breweries also pose to gain from Craft Crawler. For a nominal fee, a brewery can register with the app, which provides them additional features they can setup for potential visitors. They’ll be listed as a featured brewery in the app and on the website, be able to list and describe their beers as well as amenities available on-site, and also post events and other updates as they see fit. All this serves to get more information on their product in front of users looking to find breweries in their city.

Other Notable Information

The app just launched on iTunes at the end of November, so the number of featured breweries is understandably low, but Bentley and team are hard at work getting more and more business signed up. As with any new app there are some technical difficulties that the team are working through, the biggest right now is some crashing issues on iOS versions earlier that 8. They are hoping to have this resolved before Christmas.

Availablity for Android users is still TBD, but fear not fellow android peeps, the Craft Crawler website is well optimized for mobile, so get it on your favorites today.

Bottom Line

Craft Crawler is an intuitive and incredibly helpful beer app that will put you on a bar stool in the right brewery for you no matter what city you’re currently parked in.

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