Brewin’ USA Giveaway


If you’ve been listening to the We Like Drinking show for a while now, there is no doubt you recognize the Brewin’ USA board game. Creator Adam Rehberg has been a guest on the show not once, but twice, and John reviewed the game earlier this year for the We Like Drinking website. We like this game a ton, and Adam has been generous enough to donate a copy that we may give it away to one lucky follower! Instead of spending $50 to buy it yourself, why not try and get it for free first?

Brewin’ USA Game Details

Brewin’ USA is a game for 2-5 players where everyone is the owner of their own brewery. Using ingredients you purchase through a bidding process, you brew the best beers you can and release them to specific regions of the United States. You’ve got to keep control of your area, continue to brew beer, and battle other brewers in brewfests throughout the game. Whoever has the most victory points in the end is declared the winner. With bottle caps integrated into the game, over 70 real breweries on the cards, and a healthy dose of competition built in, Brewin’ USA is definitely a game for fans of beer drinking and board games alike.

How to Enter the Brewin’ USA Giveaway

Entering the contest couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is fill in the form below. Submission deadline will be December 1, 2015 and we’ll announce the winner on that week’s show which will release on December 4, 2015.

You can also find Brewin’ USA on Facebook and Twitter.

Entries for this giveaway are closed. Stay tuned to We Like Drinking for future giveaway options.

Some of the cards available to you, the brewmaster.

Some of the cards available to you, the brewmaster.


You submitted ’em, we’re listing ’em. Here are the names of the brews our awesome We Like Drinking followers submitted as part of the Brewin’ USA giveaway.

Name : Flagship Brew 

Shawn : Cat’s Ass Stout 

David : Spotted Cow 2.0 

Alex : Jonesabeer 

Aaron : Ned’s Flanders Red 

Danniel : I wouldn’t brew a flagship beer dry hopped sour IPA aged in bourbon barrels with rose hips and vanilla beans 

Michael : Amazeballs 

Curtis : Something lame and uninspiried 

Marco : Flavor Surround 

Luke : Mind Balloon Comsic Time IPA 

Henry : Hops and Chops 

Danny : Lumberjack 

nate : Nottnuderipa 

Kelly : Bitches and Hops 

Jeremy : Witch’s Brew 

Suzanna : Two Dogs Brewery 

Andrew : Crusin’ for a Brewsin’ 

John : Critical Ale 

Erik : EuphoriAle 

Pat : hop until you drop 

andy : deep dive dark lager 

David : Dark and Brewding 

Sven : Corgilicious Coconut Porter 

Daniel : Vieu brew 

Seth : In Cervisiam Veritas 

Eric : Polar Bearic Ale 

Kalin : The Other Beer 

Bill : Atom Splitter IPA 

Brett : Poundtown Paulie’s Pale Ale 

Chrystal : Pecking Order Porter 

Kate : Barley Juice 

chris : hop scotch 

Tim : Hopscotch ale 

Geoff : Rock out with your Bock out 

Nicholas : Big bear Lil bear 

Joshua : Dubbel Wide 

Zach : Whirlpool Brewing 

Joshua : Seppeku 

evan : I’m not a robot red 

Brandon : I’m interested in brewing, and I would rather keep that to myself. 

Paul : Pigg Snot 

Joel : Ascended Ale 

Anush : Ale-elujah 

Xenothon : Temujin’s Steppe Milk Stout 

Joshua : Panda Beer 

Tyler : Rusty Rail Red Ale 

Dave : Plunger Pilsner (I work with Plumbing) 

Jeremy : Johann Sebastion Doppelbock 

Sam : Shiny Serenity 

John : Porteur (a bike-themed Porter) 

Brian : Liquid Glory 

Joe : Cthulhu Black Ink Imperial Stout 

Thomas : Spritz 

Maxwell : Surging Pale Ale 

Paul : Staggering Haggis Scotch Ale 

Eric : black and white cat 

Julian : James’s Brown 

Paul : Hurricane Ale 

Matthew : The Boars Roar 

Chris : Arcane Amber 

Jose : This Is the Good One Ale 

Christian : Tuesday Night Hops 

Jeff : Meep Ale. 

Steven : ATL Pale Ale 

David : Phantom of the hOPERA black ipa 

John : Allegiance Sour Ale 

Mike : Beer Wiser 

Allon : Dino D.N.Ale (Amber Ale) 

Kyle : Orr’s Porter 

Jeremy : Beerly There 

Stephen : Hopscotch 

Joseph : Default 

Jeremy : J-Stout 

Matt : Stoutfast (Breakfast of Champions) 

Greg : Agricola ale 

Gordon Tsai : Bambrewzoled 

Nikhil : Angry Hindu Cow 

Josh : Y Tu Brewtus? 

Shane : I’ll Be Bock 

Jeremy : Marauder IPA 

Greg : Against the Grain (Gluten-Free) 

Martin : Among the bars hefeweizen 

Cory : The Hoppening 

Alex : the ghost 

Thom : Serpentine Belt 

Douglas : Good Feels 

Jim : Gentleman Sasquatch 

Adam : The Beer Necessities 

Michael : Portermanteau 

Taylor : Axiom 

Cezary : Allahu Akbar Ale 

Aric : Something Simple 

Kyle : Lawn Monster 

Louis : High Brow, Lou Brew 

Jace : Texas Brid’ale (Amber Ale) 

Matthew : Scary Basement dark wheat 

Bert : The BeerT (after my name) 

Joshua : One of those 

Phil : Beeready 

Samuel : Mustache Rider IPA 

Jon : Monkey Tilt IPA 

Travis : Granny’s Snatch 

Joaquin : No Frills Pilsner 

Steven : Help, I’m Trapped in a Brewery 

Alex : ol’ trunchbull 

Matthew : Writer’s Block 

Daniel : Consistency American Lager 

Michael : Rikitikitavi 

Jason : I love it when you call me big hoppa 

Michael : John’s Bock 

Christian : Hoppelreiter IPA 

Hayden : Locked, Stocked, in a Few Smoking Barrels 

Greg : Against the Grain (Gluten-Free) 

Craig : Cthulu Drool 

Dan : Bad News Beers 

Will : Autopsy Ale 

Tommy : Tommy Boy Brew 

Sam : Northyeast Lager 

James : Ocean Swell ESB 

Joe : Vacation Red IPA 

Steve : Doppelbäkker 

Wes : The ‘Ols 

Jason : That 

Christina : Baphomet Milk Stout 

Dana : Hera’s Revenge 

Margaret : Magpie’s Milk Stout 

Michael : Un félin Délicat (Grisette) Un puissant chasseur (full-bodied saison) 

Ben : Meeples IPA 

Annamarie : Red Dog 

Rodney : Drew brew