Beer Lamp Growler Giveaway


We were pleased to welcome the CEO and founder of the Beer Lamp app, Brian Carruth, to the We Like Drinking show back on episode 42. During the course of the show Brian was kind enough to offer up an official Beer Lamp growler for us to giveaway to one of our ever thirsty listeners. Since then, Brian let me know that the winner will be getting additional Beer Lamp goodies along with the growler to truly pimp the package out, so be sure to get yourself entered.

The Beer Lamp App

The Beer Lamp app is a way to easily signal your friends when you are looking to grab a brew (no reason it can’t be for a glass of wine either). You use the app to “light your lamp” which lets your Beer Lamp buddies know when and where you will be ready to share a drink. It’s a lot easier than trying to hunt down certain friends or blast out a group message that half your friends, for some reason, can’t figure out how to reply to all with.

Be sure to download the Beer Lamp app via iTunes or the app store. It’s a great way to connect with your drinking buddies when you’re looking to grab a drink. Additionally, every download and account creation through the month of December will generate a $1 donation to the Fisher House Foundation. So let’s light our lamps, share some drinks with friends, and salute those that serve while we’re at it.

How To Enter The Beer Lamp Growler Giveaway

To enter, simply fill out the form below and let us know what brewery and which of their beers will be the first you fill your new growler with. Submission deadline will be December 22, 2015 and we’ll announce the winner on the show that week.

Get Yourself Entered
Beer Lamp Growler Giveaway



Name – Brewery/Beer
brett – red leg Doolittle IPA
Jeremy – Karben4’s Fantasy Factory
Shawn – Coors Light – I am not even kidding.
Jake – The Bruery, 8 mais a milking
Raymond – Great Lakes Brewing Company, Elliot Ness
travis – Freehouse Hoodoo Stout