AlcoMate Revo Review: Your Personal Breathalyzer

The AlcoMate Revo was provided to We Like Drinking at not cost for evaluation purposes.
AlcoMate Revo Review

Have you ever considered purchasing a breathalyzer? You may not believe you need a breathalyzer, after all, you don’t drink and drive, and if you do, you’re confident that you’re “OK to drive”. But how do you know that? Without actual data, you don’t. That is precisely why a breathalyzer can be a useful tool to have in your possession. Not to tell you if you’re “OK to drive”, but to teach you how alcohol actually affects you, with data. To that end, we’ll be conducting this AlcoMate Revo review of both its replaceable sensor module and its overall accuracy.

Why A Replaceable Sensor Module?

Other breathalyzers on the market require the unit be sent back to the manufacturer to be recalibrated every year or so. Even with this calibration, the breathalyzer accuracy will decrease over time. With each calibration, the overall effectiveness of your investment will continue to slip away from its initial accuracy. The AlcoMate breathalyzer on the other hand, employs a modular approach to their breathalyzer. This allows the critical sensor that would normally require recalibration, to simply be swapped out with new hardware, returning the breathalyzer to its factory state instead of a repaired state. No recalibration, no loss of accuracy, no downtime needed.

Replacing the module is as simple as replacing the batteries. One latch unlocks the module, then you detach it from its connectors, and pull it out. Reverse the steps to complete the replacement and you’re back in business.

AlcoMate Revo Testing Setup and Results

It’s a great feature to have this kind of modularity in a breathalyzer, but if it doesn’t perform, there’s no point. Let’s get the AlcoMate Revo into the field and see how it delivers. Testing was done a couple of different ways. The first test was done at home with detailed timings of consumption to verify accuracy throughout the drinking window. The second was done in a more real world scenario by going out to eat and having drinks with the meal. Start time and end time were captured, but not each drink’s consumption times individually. BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) results from the AlcoMate compared with the expected outcomes are detailed below.

Test 1 – Conducted at home, drinking wine. With this test I was able to get a more accurate pour as to how many oz of wine I was consuming.
Glass # Start End Blow BAC Expected BAC
1  0 :20 :40 0.016 0.016
2 :43 1:04 1:25 0.029 0.031
3 1:26 1:34 1:54 0.044 0.045

Test 2 – Done while out to eat with friends. Drinking a couple different beers with the meal. The glasses were not shaker pints, so the amount poured was not exactly known. I did not ask for the capacity of the glasses on purpose as part of the test.

Glasses Start End Blow BAC Expected BAC
2 0 1:07 1:27 0.03 0.028

As you can see, the AlcoMate delivered very accurate results compared to what was expected based on my weight, sex, elapsed time, and amount consumed.

Important notes

Before you scream “Take my money!” and go order yourself some hardware, there are some critical notes I must stress.

  • Proper use is important – Results can be skewed incorrectly if you do not follow the instructions properly. For instance, you should wai 20 minutes after consuming your last drink before using the device. Using the breathalyzer earlier can result in a much higher BAC reading.
  • Don’t use to determine ability to drive – Results are not proof of your ability to drive. The best advice here is, if you feel you should test yourself to see if you’re OK to drive, you shouldn’t be driving.
  • Can’t use results in court – If you get a DUI, your personal breathalyzer results are NOT admissible in court. I’ll say it again, if you feel you should test yourself to see if you’re OK to drive, you shouldn’t be driving.

If you are in the market for a breathalyzer, the AlcoMate Revo ($219.95) and its modular design offers a intuitive, easy to use breathalyzer at an affordable cost. With it, you will be able to effectively determine how different alcoholic beverages affect your body and its BAC%.

The AlcoMate Revo was provided to We Like Drinking at not cost for evaluation purposes.