Travel Well and Collect Souvenirs


Life is a travelogue.

Yeah, I know that seems trite, but think about it. Life is a collection of memories, and drinking is no different. Now, it’s easier with beer drinking than wine consumption, but you can still collect memories along the way.

If you don’t believe me, inspect the attach images as proof. They act like a steamer trunk of days gone by, where folks would collect stickers to prove their travels. Sure, you may collect stamps in your passport, but who really cares about that time you had to bribe the guard to cross from the Dominican Republic to Haiti?

Beer Travels

The colors and paraphernalia in the attached images may not say “Florida, Colorado, Latin America…” out loud, but I guarantee they say that I have traveled to many establishments and lived to tell the tale.

The mug on top? That’s from the Florida Tap Room, my favorite (but now-defunct) open-air bar in Fort Lauderdale, on a marina where I parked my boat many times.

The cap? Well, that’s from the Smiling Toad, a local brewery we featured at We Like Drinking in 2015.

The shirts represent my travels to different countries (one from Canada, the other from Guatemala). I used to have more than two dozen T-shirts from breweries, but keeping domestic peace required me to whittle down the number. No matter where you travel, you’ll find like-minded people to share in your passion.

Did I collect all my souvenirs on my own? There are at least a couple of items in my collection that someone brought back from travels. But it beats getting a small spoon from a friend’s visit to Estonia.

And that’s the final part of traveling: sharing with others. My friends and I always share great adventures in person and vicariously. This article is not a catalog of every beer country I have visited, and there remain plenty of private stories to share; some innocent, some which should never be shared in open company.

The point is this: be generous to yourself and with others. Travel well and collect souvenirs. You will always cherish the experience, while the memory bank will be filled to the brim. The trinkets tell part of the story; it’s up to you to fill in the details.