Spotlight: Keith Altemose, Nano 108


The East side of Colorado Springs is dominated by the tract housing built on the annexation of Banning-Lewis Ranch, almost every fast food and casual dining franchise known to mankind and an impossible artery that inexplicably ends but two miles from its reason for existence (a connection to I-25); Powers Boulevard.

An Oasis of Good Beer

Two blocks off of the north bound lanes in the southern section of the life blood of this retail mecca the edge of the high plains seems to let the noise drift into the atmosphere. Getting out of the car the noise of global warming fades even more with the knowledge that you are entering a sanctuary of well made beer, and a proprietor that is passionate about it and eager to share that passion. When you pull the door open the noise rises again but it is the din of happy(hoppy?) community.

We Like Drinking has been to Nano 108 Brewing on several occasions, in fact one of our pre-launch planning sessions was held there. The founder/brewmaster, Keith Altemose is an extraordinarily busy person but he graciously allowed a few minutes of his time to share his thoughts to our questions while I enjoyed his excellent Dry Irish Stout. Here is an excerpt of our conversation along with a video message from Keith himself.

We Like Drinking: Keith, how long have you been in the brewing business?

Keith Altemose: Since 2003

WLD: How long did it take for you to bring Nano 108 up from concept to serving?

KA: Two years and two months. One year to fit the building for the brewery and serving area. The rest of that time waiting for brewing equipment and setting up the brewery and included in that time was 3-6 months waiting for licensing from the state.

WLD: What customer are you serving?

KA: Someone that enjoys seasonal beers, the curiosity customer, as well as many people that are new to craft beer. My philosophy is to give those new craft beer drinkers a beer they are familiar with and then educate them on one more beer to expand their horizons.

WLD: How do you develop your recipes?

KA: I try to keep true to styles but what fires me up are the seasons and available products.

WLD: What new beers can your customers expect over the next six months?

KA: We have an American corn lager that will be involved in a pepper beer project; beers with single pepper varieties and then a master blend. A chocolate/peanut butter Dry Irish Stout, and an oyster stout. An English Mild and a Best Bitter. A Schwarzbier and the return of the popular mango/pineapple project

WLD: Keith, thank you!