Society Of Wine Educators Giveaway


A couple of months ago we were honored to have Miss Jane Nickles, A.K.A The Bubbly Professor on the We Like Drinking podcast. Miss Jane and the Society of Wine Educators was kind enough to give us some copies of their study material in order to give them away to our listeners! This was incredibly kind of them and we are extremely exited to announce the Society of Wine Educators Giveaway today.

What’s Included In The Society Of Wine Educators Giveaway?

In total we are giving away 3 items to 3 individuals as part of this contest. Please note that the contest does NOT include the cost of taking the exam itself.

  • (1) Certified Specialist of Wine 2015 Study Guide – ($175) – The primary resourceĀ for individuals looking to take the CSW exam. This is a nearly 300 page book with 22 chapters of wine nerdom. With chapters on all the major wine growing regions around the world that include top grape varieties, sub-regions, label explanations, style descriptors, and much more. Additional chapters cover wine making practices, wine faults, viticulture, and tasting procedures to name a few. This is a great resource for those looking to begin their concentrated learning of wine and for those that simply want to dive a little deeper into the depths of wine.
  • (2) Certified Specialist of Spirits 2015 Study Guide – ($175) – The primary resource for individuals looking to take the CSS exam. A 200 page book with 12 chapters covering topics like spirit production, vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, and other major spirits. There is also sections that cover mixology, the SWE tasting rationale, and of course, plenty of drink recipes.
How To Get Entered

It’s easy to enter, simply fill out the form below by giving us your name, email address, and which book you would like to win, or choose ‘either’ if you’d like to be entered into both drawings. We will announce the winner on the show which will release on February 26th.

Society Of Wine Educators Giveaway