NYE for the old


Many people get ready for New Year’s Eve dressing to the nines, going out to a trendy spot, and hoping to meet someone special to ring in the the new year. We at WLD are old men with young children, and we’re tired by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. It’s, shall we say, more subdued than what our single friends experience. This is WLD’s NYE for the old, where we’ll give you our tips for enjoying the evening without breaking a hip.

NYE for the old
Jeff’s recommendations

For those looking to drink a little vino while they say goodbye to 2014 I wanted to present you with some good offerings that will be palate pleasers to a wide variety of tastes.

Let’s start of with a crisp and clean white wine. I recently reviewed this 2013 Huia Sauvignon Blanc and was blown away by the QPR or Quality to Price ratio. The crisp acidity and medium body make for a long lasting herbaceous finish that yields a wine that’s great with food or on it’s own shared with friends. A perfect way to start the evening.

Next, let’s ramp up the power to mesh a little better with the meatier appetizers and snacks you’ll be munching on. A bottle of Atlas Peak Cabernet should do nicely. This Napa Valley mountain blend comes from high altitude grapes sourced from the valley and the Spring and Howell mountains.

Now for the big event, which in my house is somewhere around 9 p.m. No matter when you celebrate it, bubbles are called for. I like to go inexpensive but still delicious since the bottle most likely won’t be finished before the parents are. Pop a bottle of the Gruet Blanc de Noir to add some pink to your glasses, and get the bonus of sipping on a Wine Spectator top 100 wine for under $20.

Jim’s recommendations

Since I’m the beer guy, I’ll focus my choices on those you can share with friends or close family.



My first choice for the evening will be McChouffe, a Belgian dark strong ale from Achouffe Brewery in Achouffe, Belgium. The 8% ABV is flowery with some bitterness and will go well solo or with appetizers such as mushrooms or oysters. It even will pair well with the pizza rolls and pigs in the blanket we’re serving to the kids. It carries a decent price at about $11 for a 25.4-oz. bomber.

Next, I’ll shift to Bristol Brewing’s Winter Warlock Oatmeal Stout, a 6% ABV offering with nice coffee and toffee notes. This would go well by itself again or with some nice beef. You can find it for around $8-8.50 for a six pack.

Finally, I’ll share my newly acquired bottle of Samichlaus, a doppelbock brewed once a year by Schloss Eggenberg Brewery in Austria. It’s about $15 for a 25.4-oz. bottle, but it also carries a wallop at about 14% ABV. It’s a good way to end the evening, and you won’t have to worry about doing the cliche bubbly thing.

Following these three offerings, you’ll be ready for a well-deserved night’s rest. Set your clocks ahead so “midnight” comes early and you can get some respite before being rousted early in the a.m. I’m probably going to use one of those countdown videos online to convince my little partiers that they’ve made it to the magic hour.

Happy New Year from WLD

No matter if you pour beer, wine, or a combination of the two, we would like to wish you a safe and happy New Year’s celebration however you choose to drink it in.