Guinness The 1759 Tasting


It’s St. Patrick’s Day again, one of our favorite holidays of the year. It’s a great time to get together with friends and family and celebrate your heritage (whatever it may be) with good food and drink. Still looking for a good meal to make for this special day? Check our St. Patrick’s Day pairing featuring boxty and beer.

But you want to do something even more ostentatious for this day. Jeff and Jim sat down and tasted Guinness The 1759, a 9% alcohol-by-volume ale that comes with a special box and a 25.4-oz. bottle with a cork; at a price point between $30-35. The name is derived from the year founder Arthur Guinness opened the brewery at St. James’ Gate in Dublin. It’s not just a regular amber, either, as Guinness uses peated whiskey malt in the process to create more complex flavors.

Guinness The 1759 Tasting

Before you go out and find this bottle at a retailer, see how we rated this limited edition ale in our Guinness The 1759 Tasting video below. Afterwards, tell us your impressions on this site, at Twitter (@WeLikeDrinking1) and on Facebook (WeLikeDrinking), as well as on YouTube in the video link.

Also, remember on this holiday, #dontbeaknucklehead.

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