Blind Tasting Vino With Val


Tasting wine blind is one of those things wine lovers love to nerd out about. Using your deductive reasoning on a glass of wine in an attempt to figure out what grape(s) was used to make the wine lets you not only challenge your senses, but also your wine smarts. By analyzing the color and opaqueness, aromas, texture, and flavor profiles from a glass of wine you’re able to pick out pieces of identifiable information. With that data set in hand you can enter the wine store in your mind and work your way through the list of available wines. With practice (yes, I said tasting wine is practice) you’ll find you begin to exit your mind wine shop with the correct wine more and more often. Or you’ll spend the time like I usually do, roaming around for 5 minutes looking at all the pretty labels before grabbing the first bottle you see and running out of the store only to fall flat on your face.

Blind Tasting Wine With Valarie Caruso

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Valarie Caruso, co-host of the Wine Two Five podcast, to conduct our own wine blind tasting. The interesting piece to this video is watching how Val and I eliminate wines as we work our way through each portion of the tasting. In the end, Val nailed just about every detail of the wine, awesome work Val!

As you watch the video, we would love to hear what you thought the wine was. Was your thinking in line with us or were you going to a different grape? Leave a comment and let us know.