Upslope Foreign Style Stout Review


It’s no secret that we here at WLD like Colorado beer. Two of us live in Colorado, after all. This affinity extends beyond the major brewers to more regional affairs flying under the radar. One of those fairly unsung breweries is Upslope Brewing Company out of Boulder, Colo.

I have reviewed Upslope’s Craft Lager in the past, so why not give another style a try as we present our Upslope Foreign Style Stout Review? The brewery is big on cans versus bottles, so I did my best for the environment and purchased a 5-gallon can (a.k.a. keg) after tasting this in the 12-oz. version.

One of the ingredients that has become a staple of Colorado beers lately is snowmelt. I suspect it’s part of the Upslope Foreign Style Stout ingredient list, but it isn’t listed. What is interesting is Upslope originally brewed the Foreign Style Stout as an anniversary beer before adding it to the permanent rotation.

Upslope Foreign Style Stout Review

ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 28
Type of pour: 12-oz. can into imperial pint glass

Color: The Upslope Foreign Style Stout pours a perfect black. It has a good head and screams “stout” style.

Nose: The nose gives me plenty of coffee, with some sugar and molasses. This is a stout with some heft.

Palate: Roasted malts come to the fore. Of course, some coffee notes are on the tongue as well. I get a tinge of alcohol on the palate.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a stout with punch, Upslope Foreign Style Stout is your beer. It tastes smooth with a surprising kick. Upslope Foreign Style Stout brings the flavor, but it also brings the ABV at6.9%.

Upslope Brewing Company on Intagram: @upslope

Upslope beers can be found in many places along Colorado’s Front Range. If you’re scoping out a place to find the beer on tap or in cans and kegs, check out the beer finder arena at Upslope’s web site.