Twisted Pine Billy’s Chilies


And now for something completely different. You’re used to the lagers, ales, wheats, Belgians, imperial stouts, IPAs, etc. You want something different, something bold, something…spicy. Enter Twisted Pine Billy’s Chilies, a beer crafted in Boulder, Colo., at Twisted Pine Brewing Company.

Billy’s Chilies is different from many chile beers in that it’s an unfiltered wheat beer rather than a lager which is predominant in the style. Twisted Pine also uses five peppers added after the brewing process: Anaheim, Fresno, jalapeno, serrano and habanero.

Twisted Pine Billy’s Chilies

ABV: 5.2%
IBUs: N/A; it can’t be more than 15-20
Method of pour: 12 oz. bottle into shaker pint glass

Color: Golden yellow. It’s more translucent than most unfiltered beers. Pours a nice head that remains longer than you would expect on a chile beer.
Nose: The peppers come to the fore while pouring, even before agitating this brew. The initial hit of Anaheim and jalapeno peppers gives way to a yeasty scent.
Flavor: There is an initial hit of a mixture of green chile peppers (Anaheim, jalapeno, serrano) and some red pepper spice (fresno, habanero) on the front of the tongue and back of the palate. The burn stays on the lips for a while, and the peppers overpower any kind of wheat profile you might otherwise expect.
Bottom line: If you like chile beers, Twisted Pine Billy’s Chilies is for you. If you are afraid of spice, take a pass. I am in the former camp, so I liked it, but I couldn’t drink a four-pack in one sitting. This is a strike against Billy’s Chilies. I actually would pair this chile beer with dark chocolate or some favorite grilling foods.

Twisted Pine will celebrate its 20th year in business during 2015. Its tap room is open seven days a week with a limited food menu. The company’s web site is still “under construction”, which is baffling when you considered it first started producing for the public in 1995.

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