Ska Brewing Molé Stout


Photo from Ska Brewing web site

Colorado breweries are often known for their experimental styles. Today we bring you one that combines the flavor of stout with the Southwest culinary taste of mole sauce: Ska Brewing Molé Stout.
What is molé? Basically, it’s a Mexican sauce that combines chocolate, peppers, cumin and other spices. It is versatile with white and red meats. I expect to get some spice and chocolate, and I like mixing hot peppers with beer, so let’s give this autumnal beer a go.

Ska Brewing Molé Stout

ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 15
Method of pour: 12-oz can into imperial pint glass.

Color: Dark ruby/brown. Nice creamy head that dissipates quickly.

Nose: Chocolate-like with a hint of pepper on the nose. As this beer warms, there are more peppers appearing.

Flavor: I guess the way I would describe the flavor is cocoa sweetness up front with a hint of green and red pepper, and maybe some coriander and orange. There is some dry stout flavor, but not much. It’s like a mole sauce in a can.

Truth to Style: It is difficult to rate the truth to style, since there don’t appear to be other entries in this category.

Bottom line: I have to be honest. When I saw Ska Brewing Molé stout, I wasn’t expecting a beer to taste like a molé sauce, with the chocolate and pepper mix. I’m not sold on this.

Ska Brewing has been in business in Durango (southwest Colorado since 1995. The brewery makes some really good beers, and I’ll be sure to review one of their year-round selections soon.

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