Pikes Peak Devils Head Red


It took a while for the Colorado craft beer revolution to reach the sleepy town of Monument, but it finally arrived when Pikes Peak Brewing Company opened in 2011. The three intervening years have been kind to the brewery tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, with a canning operation in full force. Today we give it a whirl with Pikes Peak Devils Head Red.

Pikes Peak Devils Head Red gets its name from Devil’s Head — the highest point of the Rampart Range — on top of which is a lookout tower for rangers to spot fires. Does it quench the fires of thirst? Let’s find out.

Pikes Peak Devils Head Red

ABV: 7.3%
IBUs: I estimate about 40
Method of pour: 16 oz. can into an imperial pint glass

Color: I have to admit, I love the color and found myself gazing longingly at this beer. It’s a nice garnet hue, almost Scarlet. It is very clear and crisp, with not much gas on the head.

Nose: The first hit is caramel, with a hoppy, flowery aroma rising.

Flavor: The first hit on the tongue is caramel malt, balanced by what seems come citra and amarillo hops (I could be wrong on that). In addition to caramel, this beer delivers toffee notes and a slight alcohol burn.

Truth to Style: It’s a red beer, but it’s different than most amber ales. It has more hope, bite and alcohol than others in this class.

Bottom line: Try Pikes Peak Brewing Devils Head Red. It has a good balance between the hops and malts. Keep in mind, this is definitely not a session beer.

WLD interviewed PPBC assistant brewmaster about Colorado Springs Craft Week earlier this year. She is one ambassador for PPBC’s community events.

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Devils Head Red image from Pikes Peak Brewing Company Website