Marble White Out 2015


Craft beer fans in Albuquerque are probably wondering how seven years have gone by since Marble Brewery first opened their taps. Marble Brewery is celebrating those seven years with a signature release of their White Out Ale. With 20+ microbreweries in Albuquerque you start to associate characteristics with each one. With Marble it is big flavors; be it their IPA, Red Ale or barrel aged releases you expect some flavor to be way out in front. With White Out 2015 get that but a nice balance.

Marble White Out 2015 Review

ABV: 9.0%

IBU’s: 40

Method of Pour: 22 oz. Bomber into a tall Berlinerweiss glass.

Color: Slightly hazy pale gold. A firm but rounded head. Effervescent carbonation throughout the experience and nice lacing all the way to the finish.

Nose: Strong coriander spice aromas mixed with citrus fruit and a hint of wheat and barley malt.

Palate: A lot happening here; Coriander spice that is out front but not overpowering, orange peel, the pleasant esters that everyone associates with a wheat beer and some hop flavors! The use of Mosaic hops really balance out the sweetness and esters of this white ale offering. The Citra hops help support the Curacao orange peel. There was even room for some barley malt and wheat flavors. Nothing overwhelms your taste buds but take a few minutes to let it warm to the mid-40’s, take a few sips and catch all of the flavors.

Bottom Line: I am not a big fan of White Ales but this one was certainly a pleasant experience. Big but not overpowering flavors. Be ready for more hops than you would normally get with this style but a well balanced beer. Enjoy it on a warm summer evening with friends.


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