Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro


Some beer trends are better than others. Remember ice beer? Or dry? Yeah, you probably should forget those. But you should embrace the recent trend of Russian imperial stouts to the market. One such entrant is from Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colo. Wake Up Dead is an imperial stout clocking in at over 10% alcohol by volume. I picked up a four-pack of Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro and gave it a spin. A four-pack will set you back about $10, which is a bit pricey for some.

Left Hand Brewing Company began life as Indian Peaks Brewing Company when Eric Wallace and Dick Moore founded the operation, but the pair soon changed the name to Left Hand due to a dispute with the naming of another brewery. Left Hand Brewing Company has occupied the same location in a former meat packing plant for two decades. The brewery’s most famous offering is probably its milt stout. If you’re in Boulder County, the tasting room is worth a visit.

Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro Stats

ABV: 10.2% ABV
IBUs: 45 IBUs
Method of pour: 12 oz. bottle into a new Guinness style pint glass.

Color: Dark, blackish hue with a cream head that holds. This is the nitro delivery.

Nose: Cocoa and toffee appear immediately on the nose. The malts were roasted for a long time before making this beer for sure. I also get a slight, flowery hint. The smells are somewhat slight, though.

Flavor: There is an initial alcohol burn, but that gives way to what tastes like some dried cherries and apricots. I also taste chocolate and toffee, as noted in the nose. This beer quaffs a lot easier than an imperial stout should. There’s a long, dry-creamy finish.

Truth to style: This does a good job with the Russian imperial stout style. It has the bite and dryness of many imperial stouts but has a smooth finish.

Bottom line: Man, Left Hand Wake Up Dead is a good Russian imperial stout. I would put this beer up against just about any Russian imperial stout on the market.

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