Epic Brewing Imperial Stout


Late Fall/Winter is the absolute best time for beer. Brewers plans for months, even a year ahead of time to release product by which they will be judged for the Holidays. Imperial Stout falls into this category; a high gravity beer that requires patience from the mash tun to the bottle.

Epic Brewing Company presents the Exponential Series in which their Imperial Stout absolutely delivers the goods.

Epic took advantage of relaxed brewing laws in Utah to open and dedicated themselves to the production of high gravity beers. The quality of their beer has created enough demand to allow them to expand brewing operations to a second location in Denver. Don’t look for them in the six pack aquariums. Epic only bottles in 22 oz. bombers.

ABV: 10.6%

IBU’s: 50’s?

Form of Tasting: 22oz. bomber poured into a stemmed tulip pint

Color: Molasses. I held it up directly to a 60 watt bulb and not a hint of light penetrated through it.

Nose: My only negative about this brew; the nose is light. I tend to pour all of my beer chilled and experience the progression of changes in both nose and palate as the beer warms to its traditional serving temperature. In this case the nose tends to stay less than prominent.

Flavor: Just ever so short of outstanding. While still chilled it retains its chocolate notes and hints of raisins and also shows its alcohol. As it warms the chocolate and raisins remain and coffee becomes more prominent. The alcohol taste diminishes as it warms up. Residual sugars are another hallmark of Imperial Stout and this one does it well; after a healthy sip your lips will stick together. I noticed a hint of yeast on the bottom of the bottle which suggests that you can cellar this beer for several years (if you are patient enough to do that. I, normally, am not)

Style Truth: Certain Imperial Stout producers should be worried that Epic will have an image of this beer next to the dictionary definition of the style.

Bottom Line: Everyone should appreciate any product that is exactly what it says it is; Epic Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout is such a product. If you like Imperial Stout buy a bottle to share with your significant other. You won’t care that they yelled at you for finishing it before they got half.