Elevation First Cast IPA


Sometimes breweries pop up in unexpected locations, especially in Colorado. In urban areas, it’s not unusual to see a brewery open in an industrial park. In Colorado, they appear in remote locations, but they survive and thrive, producing some outstanding beers. Today we give Elevation First Cast IPA a try; a brew from just one of those remote locations.

Elevation Beer Company, opened in located in Poncha Springs, Colo., focuses on big beers aged in barrels. Check this space when we make the WLD trip to this enticing spot. The brewery produces some high gravity beers and experimental brews. Poncha Springs (population fewer than 1,000) is a good launching point for ski country, so Elevation has different “series” based upon the color schemes representing degree of difficulty from easier to hardest: blue, black, double black and “brewers playground”. There is no beginner green.

First Cast IPA is one of Elevation Beer Company’s Blue Series along with Little Mo’ Porter. Even though First Cast is 6.5% alcohol by volume, Elevation states on its web site that First Cast is its “personal ‘session’ beer of choice.” The beer comes on draft in bars, in kegs for the home enthusiast and in 4-packs of 16 oz. bottles. With a small distribution market in Colorado (mostly the Pikes Peak region), Elevation can bring fresh beer to its distributors days after being bottled.

Elevation First Cast IPA Stats

ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 70
Method of pour: Two pours; one from a keg to an imperial pint glass. The other from a 16 oz. bottle to an imperial pint glass.

Color: First Cast pours a nice, clear orange out of the bottle. Out of the keg, there is a bit of haze. The color is consistent in both cases.

Nose: Slight floral scent. Chinook hops come to the top of the nose. There is not a ton of complexity on the nose, but I get some butter and hibiscus notes (I know, I’m surprised by that too). The keg gives more hop notes than the bottle.

Flavor: This definitely is an IPA, with the explosion of the aforementioned chinook hops mixing with an English yeast and Summit hops. The keg gives more hop than the bottle, but both present a nice undertone of some flower.

Truth to Style: Elevation First cast straddles the fence between east
and west, presenting flowery, malty and hoppy notes. The bold hop notes win in the end.

Bottom line: Elevation First Cast IPA features a mix between east coast and west coast IPAs, with a pleasurable finish. I can see why the brewers prefer this as a session beer.

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