BridgePort Long Ball Ale


I have fond memories of BridgePort beers; my wife brought me a couple bottles and a t-shirt home from a conference she went to about 15 years ago. BridgePort Brewing was the Oregon’s first craft brewery and have been at it for 30 years. I regularly pick up their Hop Czar Imperial IPA but since we are in baseball season (and some of us are in ‘Wait ’till next year’ mode already) the subject at hand is Long Ball Ale, a bottle-conditioned, dry-hopped golden ale.

What is golden ale you say? In terms of hoppiness it falls near the bottom of the scale as far as pale-type ales go with Imperial IPA’s at the top of that scale. This is a seasonal brew where they have teamed up with the Hillsboro Hops, a short-season Single A team in the Arizona Diamondbacks farm system. The team’s logo is on the bottle!

BridgePort Long Ball Ale

 ABV: 5%

IBU’s: 28

Method of pour: 12oz. bottle into a tulip glass

Color: Pale, hazy gold. This beer is bottle-conditioned and there is quite a bit of yeast sediment in the bottle. With ales of this type I prefer to drink it with yeast in suspension (think Cooper’s Sparkling). An easy pour raised on honest, rocky white head that lasted down to the bottom of the glass and leaves significant lacing. Ample carbonation was released from start to finish.

Nose: Notes of lemon, malt and can you smell carbonation?

Palate: (Disclaimer: There is a lot of yeast sediment in this beer. I tasted it with the yeast fully suspended. Others may choose to drink it differently but my belief is if the brewer put it in the bottle it was meant to be consumed) The Meridian hops push citrus flavors from the get go and biscuit flavors from the suspended yeast are the main components. This is a well balanced lighter bodied entry, the hops seem to travel well from first sip to the middle of the palate and right to the end albeit with a lack of complexity. Even with all of that yeast there is a clean, clean finish.

Bottom Line: This is certainly a major league summer session beer, not overly complex but certainly very well made. Choose this onef while you look for that A player that looks like he might have the stuff to make it to The Show.

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