Aspen Brewing Independence Pass Ale


Quick: Close your eyes and tell me what comes to mind when you think of Apsen, Colo. . . . Now open your eyes. Oh, man, you looked. It’s OK. When you think of Aspen, do you think of beer? Probably not.
But maybe you need to dig a little deeper. Nestled among the pretense and toy dogs placed in purses is a laid-back brewery on the second floor of an Aspen main street. Even better is the fact Aspen Brewing Company is producing quality beers and now distributing it throughout Colorado. Today we take a look at Aspen Brewing Independence Pass Ale, a cleverly named beer that is an acronym (IPA) and a homage to one of the most difficult roads in North America (Independence Pass).

Aspen Brewing Independence Pass Ale

IBUs: 62 IBUs
Method of pour: 12 oz. can poured into Imperial pint glass.
Color: Orange and very clear. Good bubbles coming up the glass, and the head stays with a lingering lacing.
Nose: It’s floral and fruity first, followed by a hoppy aroma on the back. I smell peach in this, I swear. That’s not normal, but it’s a nice smell to have on this.
Flavor: I like this taste. It stays with you. There’s kind of an orange, dare I say peach, sweetness mixed with the strong cascade and simcoe hop profile. There are floral notes that remind me of sitting in a park just relaxing by a tree.
Truth to style: This is certainly an American IPA, and it stands among some of the better ones this state has to offer.
Bottom line: Aspen Brewing Independence Pass Ale is a beer to drink while making memories. You’ll want to enjoy this with friends camping, fishing, sitting by the fire, or pairing with a great cookout. I like the balance between the sweetness and the hops.

I liked this beer so much, I bought a 1/6 barrel for my kegerator.

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