Left Coast Brewing Co. Ale Epeteios


As I have mentioned before Imperial Stouts are my absolute favorite beers and Left Coast Brewing Company’s Ale Epeteios beckoned from the shelf! This 2013 GABF Gold Medal winner is a seasonal offering for fall release in anticipation of cooler days and colder nights when the warmth of a heavier, stronger beer is a welcome change. This beer was tasted live, by me, on the We Like Drinking Podcast Episode 39. Jeff Eckles and Jeff Solomon found their own examples of the style. Download it from here on the website and give it a listen, and if you like it, tell a friend!

Left Coast Brewing Co. Ale Epeteios review 

ABV: 9.5%

IBU’s: 40

Method of Pour: 22 ounce Bomber into stemmed tulip glass

Color: Very dark brown, not quite black. The beer was poured a full 25 minutes before tasting but the modest head (1/2 inch) held completely through that time!

Nose: Wow, I could smell this beer from three feet away! The tulip glass concentrated the dark chocolate and espresso aromas that the evaporating alcohol carried throughout the room. Closer inspection brought out the alcohol and a faint hint of toffee and spice.

Palate: The dark chocolate nose did not follow as strongly upon tasting, however, the espresso makes it into your mouth and surrounds some black pepper and faint dark cherry tastes. The IBU’s are rather low but there is a pleasant astringency from the dark malts that substitutes for hop bitterness and the finish is LONG. This last point hop bittering versus roasted malt astringency is a difficult balancing point for Imperial Stouts and it is well done in this example. Residual sugars are not prominent here and carbonation level seems higher than some other examples of the style. There was not any yeast sediment in the bottom of the bottle so it may not be suitable for extended cellaring.

Bottom Line: This is a well made Imperial Stout; outstanding aroma, complex flavors with a nice hop/coffee bitterness balancing act. I was just a little disappointed that the chocolate is not more prominent on the palate but do not let that keep you from spending a very reasonable $8!


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